About sunwren

Our Story

One part Boston native and cancer survivor, and one part Canadian born and bred single mother of one, our founders have come to epitomize self-empowerment. Hiking, skiing, and adventuring together in their home state of California, these friends bonded over a shared love for fashion and an appreciation for the importance of health, fitness, and the environment.

Hours of conversation brought to life an idea that just wouldn’t go away: The current activewear market needs an injection of the inimitable personality that defines the fashion-conscious buyer. A collection of functional and technically advanced lifestyle apparel that both looks and feels luxurious, and is manufactured adhering to an ethos that champions environmental sustainability.

This is sunwren.

sunwren is an elevated activewear brand where fashion, function, and ecological responsibility operate symbiotically. Our goal? Luxury apparel with a conscience, for the sport of living.

Our collections are sophisticated, streamlined, and transitional offering versatility across the demands of daily routine. From lunges to lunch, barre class to barstools: Our capsule styles can be worn during the active part of your day, or will carry you into the evening when accessorized with ready-to-wear pieces from your own wardrobe.

Our high-quality materials are sourced both domestically within the U.S., and from select textile manufacturers in Europe. Our moisture wicking, thermal fabrics and signature stitch, which uses a combination of contrasting thread qualities for seam strength, flexibility, and finish, are bespoke. Created custom by our in-house graphic design team, our sublimated patterns and prints are all one-of-a-kind and seasonally inspired.